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Cloche d'Or 

Planning permission progress
Planning permission progress

Offices closely connected to nature.

Spanning 8,500 m² of above-ground offices, and just over 2,000 m² of services on the ground floor, this project was chosen for its reduced energy needs as well as its capacity for autonomous production.

  • Luxembourg-Cloche d'Or
  • Office : 8.500 m²
  • Services : 2.000 m²
  • Architects : Maison Edouard François et M3 Architectes
  • Completion : June 2026

New (very) high-performance ecological office project: The Nest.

An Exceptional Nest

Creating the city of tomorrow: this is the ambition behind Eaglestone's organization of an architecture competition in 2022 for a brand new office building in the Cloche d'Or district, in the south of Luxembourg.

"The Nest," a project designed by Maison Edouard François, a pioneer in green real estate (Tower Flower in the ZAC d'Asnières in Paris, Jardins d'Anfa in Casablanca...), and regularly ranked among the world's top architecture firms.

More than just an office building, "The Nest" is a sanctuary for biodiversity: it removes asphalt from the plot to create an urban forest at its core, while its gabion façade is designed to accommodate and protect local flora and fauna.

The word from the architect

Welcoming and bright, "The Nest" has been designed to bring together new ways of working that are more inclusive and enjoyable. As explained by Maison Edouard François, the aim is to introduce a peaceful and green break in the sometimes frantic rhythm of the city. Many shared spaces are set up inside the building, such as a fitness room or informal relaxation areas, as well as on the roof. Occupants of "The Nest" will also be able to move between floors thanks to the numerous external balconies and maintain a privileged connection with a green environment throughout the day. "Edouard François"



The canopy covering the atrium will thus accommodate a large photovoltaic power plant.

Inside the building, panoramic lifts, walkways, and stairs revolve around a central natural atrium. Vegetation stretches up to the ceiling: we have made the choice here for a biophilic architecture, which provides occupants with a connection to nature, even indoors.

Our vision and the purpose of the project.

Imagine a place where we work while protecting nature. A place where we live, where we exchange, where we recharge with our colleagues. More than just an office building, "The Nest" is a fertile city that takes care of the well-being of its employees, protects other forms of life, and promotes harmonious coexistence.

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